Ferguson Police Department Destroyed by Mysterious Explosion´The Words of Barack Obama are about as useful as Tits on a Boar Hog´Fair Play for Hoodie Wearers Act´President Hillary Clinton addresses the nation following Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor´Droning is far more effective at killing those Islamic bastards than waterboarding´Eric Garner died because Mayor Bill de Blasio decided he was a Tax Cheat´The first Islamophobic War Criminal´White Cops to stop patrolling Black Neighborhoods´Ann Dunham aborts unwanted son´Terrorist kill 12 in Paris attack on Political Satire´Europe's Final Solution to the Muslim Problem´Obama's thoughts on the "Charlie Hebdo" Attack´Carter blames Israel for Islamic attacks in Paris´Liberals oppose water-boarding, but support crushing the skulls of the unborn´According to Obama there is no such thing as Islamic Terrorist$#180;Obama's reply to Paris Terror attacks was to release more of these killers from GITMO´Commie Core Education´Poor White Trash´American Sniper vs. American Scraper´Brain-eating Zombies starving in Washington D.C.´"Al-qaeda Sniper" movie for the American left´Is Obama a Christian´White People Suck´Obama to die on Jewish Holiday´Zombie Flag Raised over White House´Suadi Arabia - Pakistan Grand Alliance´Barack's Smoking and Drinking´Michael Brown Monument´IDF Beauties´Gays and Islamic Bakery;Spotted Owl Plague´TEA PARTY STORE´Custom made Damascus Knives´Watches from Amazon´Cell Phones´Gender Neutral Restrooms installed at White House´Zombies on Parade´The Unintended Consequences of Smoking Dope´Just for Right Wing Terrorist´North Korean Missile Program´Honest Politicians are Extinct´Iranian Nuke Deal and Obama´Road Sign to Ambassador Stevens' Grave´Truth about GITMO´Hillary's Banned Words´Redrawing border with Mexico´White House strikes peace deal with Baltimore Bloods and Crips´Baltimore free 6 rapist´Terrorist denied Virgins in Paradise´Serving Women of the IDF´Lame Duck President´Miley burns Bible´:ISIS and Progressives´Progressives for Jeb Bush´Gun and Flag´Grave Diggers´ Washington's Tomb Looted´Gun Free Zones´
Conservative Thoughts´ Hating Obama´ Cecil the Lion´ Cecil the Lion´IDF Babes´Trump attacks Washington´IDF Babes´ Jefferson-Jackson´Shannon Miles´Deputy Darren Goforth´Grand Iranian Strategy´Pope addresses Congress´National Gun Relocation Act´Russia bombs Iran´Cuban Troops in Syria´Condoms for Obama´American Universities´Get the terrorist you are entitled too´Flat Earth Summit´ Black Lives Matter´Iran attacks Saudi Arabia´Iran Captures U.S. Boats´SHIT vs PETA´Global Warming Satire%#180;Stealth Muslim´Trump Caricatures&$180;Cruz - Rubio Caricatures&$180;The Trumpinator"&$180;Democrats and Blacks&$180;Political Cartoons&$180;Bernie Sanders Toons&$180;Trump Cartoons&$180;Last Hunt of Justice Scalia&$180;Hillary Barking&$180;Scalia Funeral&$180;Tee Time for Obama during Scalia Funeral&$180;GITMO Refugees´Rattlesnake Island´IDF Girls´Christian Genocide´Hillary Toons´Feed Baby Seals to Orca´Planet of the Black Man´ Prelude to WWIII´ Black Reparation Payments´Pot Head trip to Lilliput´John Wayne Racist´Tale of Bearded Man in Pink Tutu´Air Force One missing over Hiroshima´IDF Girls´Hillary's Bimbo Eruptions´Fair Play for Hoodie Wearers Act´Harambe the Gorilla´Nuke Codes´Judicial Racism´Delta Smelt Canneries´
The below is a fictional account of a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  A conflict that would quickly engulf the entire Middle East leading to a clash between the world's major powers.  As we all know the Middle East is a powder keg with a short fuse.  A short fuse that could easily be ignited by the slightest miscalculation.  A miscalculation that could lead to unintended consequences on a grand scale leaving the world powerless to control the onrushing events.   

Day 1   Reuters News Agency is reporting that 3 Iranian missiles have hit the massive Saudi Aramco Oil Refinery near Riyadh.   Reuters is further reporting that the Iranian "Shahab" missiles were launched from the base near Tabriz. The White House has just broken it's silence on the unfolding events in the Middle East, saying the two sides should explore all avenues for a peaceful solution!

Day 1 +4 hours   A flight of some 22 Saudi F-15's flying out of Prince Sultan Air Base some 60 miles south of Riyadh has attacked the Iranian Naval Base at Bandar Abbas in the Straits of Hormus.         

Day 2   Iranian Quds Forces move toward Iraqi-Kuwaiti Border.  Obama orders evacuation of American bases in Kuwait, including army  bases at Arifjan and Doha as well as the Air Base at Ali al Salem.  The White House claims the closure of these bases was already in the works and these installations were not essential to American security.

Day 3    Elements of the Kuwaiti Army have engaged forward deployed members of the Iranian Quds force as they crossed that country's border from Iraq.

Day 4    In a brief Oval Office address, President Obama sought to reassure the nation that the expanding conflict in the Middle East was under control and his team at the United Nations was having constructive dialogues with those evolved.  Meanwhile the cost of crude oil as jumped from $35 per barrel to an all time high of $400 driving gasoline prices to an astounding $8 per gallon in many locations.

Day 5    Iranian troops continue to push south into Saudi Arabia, while at the same time Kuwait City has fallen to the Islamic Republic.  Reports are coming in that in the past few hours numerous Iranian missiles have fallen on the Saudi capital of Riyadh.. Reuters news service in now reporting that some 20 planes from the RSAF (Royal Saudi Air Force) have been shot down by advanced Russian surface-to-air missiles as they attacked nuclear sites at Arak and Bushehr.  This just in from Sky News in Jerusalem: Missiles are now raining down on northern Israel.  These attacks are believed coming from Hezbollah forces in Lebanon and Syria.

Day 6   The Israeli government has announced that should these attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas continue on it's citizens, that not only will those two terrorist groups be targeted; but those states supporting the proxy war against the Jewish State will feel the wrath of Israel.  Following that official announcement it is being reported that top Israeli members of the of the Knesset as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been relocated to a secret site, believed to be somewhere in the Negev Desert. If true, this is an ominous development.

Day 7    The AP in now reporting that Israel has launched an undisclosed number of Jericho III missiles at targets in the Islamic State following the successful downing of incoming Iranian missiles by Israel's "David's Sling" anti-ballistic missile system.             

Day 8     The Kremlin has just announced that Russian military advisers helping to maintain an Iranian SAM battery, were killed when Israeli F-15's attacked that site.  The Russian spokesman added that should these attacks continue Israel would suffer grave consequences.

Day 9     A war of words has erupted between Tel Aviv and the Kremlin with both sides claiming the other was in violation of international war.  Meanwhile the Obama administration is not taking sides and has assumed a neutral position as the Russian Black Sea Fleet moves into the Mediterranean.  Just breaking, the Russian Missile Cruiser Moskva has just shot down 2 Israeli F-15 fighters flying over Israeli airspace using their long range S-300F SAM's.

Day 10   The world is waiting for the reaction of Israel for the unprovoked attack by the Moskva, while at the same time Iranian forces continue their advances on the Arabian Peninsular and Hezbollah rockets are stilll falling on northern Israel.  Just breaking---Reports are coming in that witnesses reported seeing what appears to be a nuclear explosion some 30 miles off the Israeli coast.  Various news agencies around the globe are now reporting that all contact has been lost with their offices in Tel Aviv.

Day 11    Thousands of miles to the south a lone Bushman walking across the vast Kalahari Desert notices a strange small light moving across the night time sky in a northwesterly direction.  He thinks this is just some white man's toy finding it's was through the millions of twinkling lights in the cosmos. What is almost beyond his comprehension is that this tiny light streaking toward some unknown destination was born some 100 miles east of South Africa some 200 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean.  And that the birth mother was a Russian Typhoon Class Ballistic Missile Submarine.  This child of modern man was destined to shine it's final burst of blinding light on the city of Washington, Jefferson and of course Barack Obama.   The president awoke in a cold sweat realizing this all was only a dream.  He turned over and went back to sleep.  At that same moment some 4,500 hundred miles to the East an Iranian general pushes that small red button that will send 3 Shahab missiles streaking toward the Saudi Aramco Refinery near Riyadh.  Obama's dream was over, but the nightmare was only beginning!   .